Autocar Concrete pump trucks Severe Duty Custom Engineered Concrete Pump Trucks

Fuel Options

Standard Diesel
E3 - Hybrid Drive
CNG/LNG Natural Gas


Burgess Concrete Construction recently joined hundreds of Autocar customers by adding a custom-made Autocar truck to their fleet. giving them the assurance of more uptime and reliability on every job.
Autocar recently welcomed new partners Robinson Concrete Contractors Inc. to the family. This arrangement will see Robinson Concrete Contractors Inc. add a custom-engineered Autocar ACX 8x4 concrete pumper to their fleet of trucks.
Total Cost of Ownership is kind of a big deal when it comes to running a large concrete pump truck fleet. Journalist Steve Maurer dives into the details with Joe Irving, founder of Irving Equipment, and Joe Robinson and Tim Boyle of Wm. L. Robinson Concrete Contractors.
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