The City of Clearwater successfully launches new generation trucks

The City of Clearwater, Florida, was ready to add a new generation of refuse trucks to their fleet, but they had some concerns. Earl Gloster, the Director of Solid Waste at The City of Clearwater, said he had purchased other truck brands in the past and those trucks arrived with problems. The time it took to resolve those issues and get the trucks on the road caused serious delays in the Solid Waste Department’s efficiency and productivity.

The Clearwater team was pleasantly surprised by their Autocar experience.

“What made the difference is that our Autocar garbage trucks were ready to work from day one. We just slapped a decal on and got to work – and that hadn’t happened before with other trucks,” said Gloster.

Before launching the trucks, The City of Clearwater met with the Autocar team to identify their operational challenges, set goals for what they wanted to achieve and specify the features that would optimize their productivity.

As with all Autocar trucks, The City of Clearwater’s were built on Autocars main production line with custom-engineering to maximize their legal payload and optimize weight distribution for productivity. While some truck cabs are built with fiberglass in their doors, Autocar trucks are built as fully-welded, two-sided galvanized steel structures that give protection, strength and durability which is needed when working for a city like Clearwater whose demands are great.

The new generation garbage trucks have allowed The City of Clearwater to get more work done with lower operating costs improving their overall efficiency.