Sysco Partners with Autocar to Improve Productivity

At Sysco, Cleveland, a recent need to expand their fleet of yard trucks prompted them to consider how to do this while optimizing productivity in both their employees and equipment. While many truck options are available, these are often in the form of standardized and outdated models that leave employees feeling drained and overall business productivity at a low.

Unwilling to settle for a generic model, the team at Sysco approached Autocar to discuss what solutions their trucks might provide for their business.

The meetings between the companies included a visit to Sysco’s facilities where both teams worked closely together on custom-spec recommendations based specifically on Sysco’s site, application, usage and other specific requirements leaving the fleet manager impressed and at ease that the yard trucks would get the job done.

“I was really impressed by Autocar’s attention and factory direct personal touch to this piece of equipment. It gave me a lot of comfort working with a group that has that kind of dedication to the industry and is so invested in making sure we got what we needed at our facility,” says Dominic DeCaprio, Fleet Manager at Sysco Cleveland.

As Autocar's yard trucks are designed with productivity and safety in mind, Sysco could focus on customizing their vehicles to their specific work needs and give their drivers the comfort they need to work efficiently, effectively and most importantly – safely, ultimately optimizing their overall productivity in these custom-built vehicles.